How to help your child be smart!

Most parents want to raise a child that is intelligent, bright, social, and cognitively healthy. The problem is that all children learn at their own pace and as parents and educators all we can do is be there to facilitate, guide, encourage, and promote good learning habits. 


Below are a few of the techniques, tips, and tricks to support your child’s learning process:

  • Learn how your child responds to feedback- most kids respond very well to the reward system through praise and affirmation

  • Children learn best in three dimensions- they need to touch, feel, see, and hear all aspects of learning to have the best chances of retention.

  • Make learning fun! Kids need to be encouraged to learn by making it interesting and fun, not a chore. They also appreciate when mom and/ or dad get involved as they know you will be proud when they showcase their learning and abilities.

  • Teach your child perseverance by not letting them give up. Encourage them to keep trying and once they are old enough to understand you can let them know that success is built on learning from failures. 

  • Let them explore. Children have a vast and expansive imagination that needs to be fostered. This of course is done under moderate supervision to ensure your child’s safety. 

  • Go easy on the screen time. TV and other devices can be great as learning tools and fun but too much of one thing is never good. The key is moderation, experimentation, and creativity when it comes to learning activities.

  • Talk to your toddler. The best way to learn sometimes is, straight from the horse's mouth so to speak. Be present and aware of teaching moments throughout the day- if you look they are there.

  • A good night's sleep! Sleep promotes the 3 R’s: rest, restoration, and rejuvenation. This will hasten your child’s development, learning, and helps them be prepared to take on a new day.

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