Hello! We are Brian and Jenavie Noggle, the founders of Frankie Dean and followers of Jesus. Our story began on opposite sides of the country. Brian is a Registered Nurse in California and I was a Children's Special Needs Counselor, now stay at home mom from Maryland. Eleven months after giving birth to our first son Dean, our second son, Frankie came along. Unfortunately, Frankie was born eight weeks early and spent six of those weeks in the Neonatal ICU (NICU). This was a terrifying experience for us.

One teary evening in the hospital, an RN generously brought us a lovey security blanket. She had me rub my scent on the lovey before giving it to Frankie. After that, he slept and fed much better. We were both amazed by this transformation. And in just a few days, Frankie came home.  Because of this, we want to give back the hope that was given to us so we have created Frankie Dean® Dream Blankets™. Our blankets are high-quality lovey security blankets with unique characteristics that lessen the stress of separation, foster cognitive development with black & white patters, and will help soothe and comfort your little one.