Frankie Dean's Dream Blankets are designed with your baby's development in mind. As healthcare professionals, Brian and Jenavie realized the impact a lovey can have on a child's well being and development. Not only does a lovey help give security to a child, but a lovey can also help foster independence and security. Security blankets can also help ease your child's anxiety in new situations and create self-worth and awareness while overall inviting emotional well-being.

With this in mind, Brian and Jenavie wanted to add more to the development of their blankets. Black and white patterns help with the development of a baby's brain through adequate stimulation. Baby's love to look at high-contrast black and white patters to attract their attention and focus. Black and white patterns can also support the development of sight, cognitive skills, and focus. This is why Frankie Dean's Dream Blankets have black and white designs, so your child can be stimulated by the shapes to attract attention and focus.

All Frankie Dean's blankets come with a children's board book to encourage reading to your children as often as possible. When babies are as young as 4 months old, reading together increases the chances that parents continue reading to babies as they get older. Beginning early is essential because the roots of language develop in a baby's brain even before they can talk! The more words your baby hears over time, the more words he learns. Reading gives kids time for physical closeness with parents, which serves as a sort of emotional security check-in. Bedtime reading also provides a point of focus and distraction, away from the day's activities and frustrations. It allows the body's fatigue to take over and bring the child closer to sleep. Even in young babies, this point of focus helps them filter out the stimulating world around them and help them relax.