Best self care for mom?

I for one had to learn this the hard way, taking time for yourself after having babies is a must! If you’re in the same boat I was, this wasn’t an easy transition. I was convinced the best thing for my baby was for me to be there every second. Then I quickly learned this wasn’t the case.
It’s best for both you and your child for you to find time for yourself. Self care is a must for a healthy momma. If you’re not taking time for you it truly will affect the entire household. When you stop taking some time it will lead to burnout. And once that sets in your attitude towards your beautiful bundle of joy will shift into resentment without you even realizing it. This same thing will happen with your partner, family and friends.

To start, just take a little time while they are sleeping. Read a book, watch a funny show, exercise, sit outside and get some sunshine, or even take that well deserved nap. Sometimes all you need for that day is to shower and get dressed, it will make you feel so much better. Once your head is in gear to know that time for you is needed, take some bigger steps. Get a sitter, have your spouse, or family come over and watch your little one. Go get your hair done, get a massage, take a walk, or just take yourself on a date night ( or go with your spouse)!

It won’t take long to get into a routine of knowing when to take time for you. But once you do you’ll be able to step back into motherhood refreshed and feeling like you! Make sure you don’t lose you in the process of becoming a mother. Your child needs to see a happy momma and will show them over time how to love themselves as well!
- Jenavie E. Noggle